Disaster Safety & Helpful Articles

October 3rd, 2017

The weather is cooling down, and a lot of areas are going to be experiencing a dry season during fall and winter. That makes fire risks even higher. Here are some helpful articles:

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How to Prepare for a Wildfire

Survive the Unthinkable if Wildfire Threatens Your Home

Home Fire Safety for Older Adults
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Fireplace and Chimney Problems, Tips & Prevention

Burn Prevention and Fire Safety Tips

Burns: First Aid for Pets

Here’s the latest on the Felton Meadow

October 3rd, 2017

Mount Hermon Association sent this email Tuesday, October 3, 2017:

“Thank you for your continued interest in the Felton Meadow. We have been encouraged by the interest. The costs associated with developing the Felton Meadow property have exceeded our current capabilities and we have decided to forego any development. Although we are not moving forward with development of the property, there are new programs in development that will benefit our surrounding community including new programs intended for our local community. We will be starting an After School Program for grade school students in the San Lorenzo Valley and launching Velocity Bike School and Adventures with classes, guided rides, and backcountry trips based out of our current location. The Felton Meadow property will continue to be maintained and managed by Mount Hermon Association.”

~ Reggie Coates

Construction on Conference Drive 9/15 – 11/15, 2017

September 5th, 2017

Construction on Conference Drive September 15th to November 15th, 2017

As you may know, this past winter, Mount Hermon survived a non-stop series of storms, unlike anything we have experienced in over 30 years. After the rains subsided, Mount Hermon Association discovered some significant damage to Conference Drive and sought out a Geotech Engineer to help assess the next steps. His evaluation revealed that the damage was a symptom of something MUCH bigger—the entire hillside is moving! Just beyond the bridge, there is a 110-foot section of hillside that has shifted both above and below Conference Drive.

Immediate action to stabilize Conference Drive is going to take place before winter arrives!

The construction will happen in two stages:

The first stage is to secure Conference Drive itself. (Happening September 15 – November 15, 2017)

This will require:
— 30 concrete stitch piers, each 2-ft in diameter, to be drilled down to bedrock in the hillside below Conference Drive
— Re-compacting and grading of the road
— Laying fresh asphalt

The next stage is to stabilize the hillside above Conference Drive. (Fall 2018)

This will involve:
— The installation of 10 concrete piers into bedrock
— A new retaining wall to hold back the hillside
— A new drainage system to reduce any further erosion

Mount Hermon Association’s insurance will cover everything over the $250,000 deductible. Conference Drive will be repaired at no cost to the Mount Hermon Community as the Mount Hermon Association assumes all financial responsibility and repairs for Conference Drive. Funds are being raised by Mount Hermon’s partnerships and donors to provide for the deductible.

Construction time for Stage One of this project will be approximately eight weeks, running from September 15th to November 15th.

** What to expect regarding traffic flow during construction: **
— Roaring Camp Road will be closed to through traffic past the last residence.
— All traffic to Mount Hermon will be via Conference Drive off Graham Hill Road.
— Traffic will be restricted to a single lane of travel controlled by a stop sign at each end of the construction area.
— Pedestrians will use a designated walkway around the project area.
— Minimal delays expected

If you have questions that have an immediate concern, please feel free to contact Bryan Hayes: Bryan Hayes, Vice President of Finance and Administration bryan.hayes@mounthermon.org 831.430.1230

MHC Minutes – Spring 2017

May 12th, 2017

Spring Meeting Minutes of the Mount Hermon Community

Thursday, May 4, 2017, 7:00pm

Youth Memorial Building, Mount Hermon


Agenda Items

  • Reggie Coates gave the President’s Call to Order at 7:05pm, Welcome, and Introduction.
  • Vice President Ron Taylor provided the Opening Prayer.
  • The Secretary’s Report was given by Reggie Coates (Secretary Barb McGraw could not attend). Motion/Second/Approved
  • Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Cheri Andrews. Motion/Second/Approved
    • At the Fall meeting, October 27, 2016, we had $802.53
    • Our current balance is $1,042.54
    • Detailed Activity
      • Receipts:
        • 12/13/16 – $80.00 Deposit: Silent Auction
        • 12/15/16 – $184.00 Deposit: Door Ticket Sales
        • 12/19/16 – $292.94 Deposit: Online Ticket Sales
      • Disbursements:
        • 10/24/16 – $45.00 for Web Hosting Fees
        • 10/27/16 – $14.06 for supplies for Fall Meeting
        • 10/27/16 – $31.47 for supplies for Fall Meeting
        • 11/07/16 – $10.32 for supplies for Christmas Dinner
        • 11/07/16 – $73.47 for supplies for Christmas Dinner
        • 12/09/16 – $102.61 for Starbuck’s gift cards, Christmas dinner fliers and poster.
        • 04/03/17 – $30.00 for Web Hosting Fees
        • 05/02/17 – $10.00 for Web Hosting Fees


  • Mount Hermon Association Update was given by Dale Pollock
    • There’s not much happening on the water lines because of the slide on Terrace Drive.
    • There’s been an increase in water levels.
    • The storm caused damage mostly to Redwood Camp.
    • The storm did some damage to Conference Drive near Roaring Camp Drive (movement on the embankment where the cones are). They will be repairing that. [Any work on Conference Drive is paid for by MHA and not the MHC-RTB fees.]
  • Summer Registration details were explained by Bill Fernald.
    • Everyone must register at the front office and receive a name badge.
    • Fun Day for our community, Saturday, August 19, 12:00pm-5:00pm
      • Includes lunch, games, and all activities for free
      • Register for the summer and receive a name badge to participate
    • The report on Roads, Trails, and Bridges was given by Joshua Shively
      • There have been lots of fixes throughout Mount Hermon such as the handrails on Parkway.
      • If you have any concerns, call the office and a work order will be created.
    • Community Announcements were given by Reggie reiterating the MHC focus on positive Communication, Involvement, and Support. He also reminded everyone of the community website at http://mounthermoncommunity.com and social media site at mounthermon.nextdoor.com.
    • Fire Chief Ron Rickabaugh, from the Felton Fire Protection District, gave a report on current issues.
      • He recommended that everyone keep the brush away from their homes and think about clearing what would be flammable and dangerous in a fire.
      • He said most of the calls they get are not fire related but medical related. Have papers ready for you and your family in case of a medical emergency.
      • He explained how Cal-Fire and the Felton Fire Department work together. Cal-Fire takes the lead when brush is involved and Felton Fire Department takes the lead when buildings are involved.
      • Make sure your street number is very clear to see.
    • Sheriff Department Update – Paul Izor
      • The volunteer Sheriff helpers will evaluate the safety of your home and do a drive by while you’re on vacation. Call the Felton Sheriff’s office.
    • There was no New Business.
    • Ron Taylor closed the evening at 8:10pm in prayer.


Respectfully submitted,


Reggie Coates – Mount Hermon Community President

MHC Minutes – Fall 2016

October 29th, 2016

Fall Meeting Minutes of the Mount Hermon Community

Thursday, October 27, 2016, 7:00pm, Newton Memorial Building

President, Reggie Coates, opened the meeting at 7:00pm with a welcome and introduction. He explained the difference between the Mount Hermon Association (MHA) and the Mount Hermon Community (MHC). MHA is the conference center leadership and associates. MHC is the group of residents, all those who live in Mount Hermon. They are separate, but work together in support of each other.

Vice-President, Gordon Kvamme, announced that Steve Hoff had passed away Monday. Gordon prayed for Steve’s family.

Secretary Annie Stepka could not make the meeting because she is moving to Felton, so Reggie read the minutes from the Spring 2016 meeting. The minutes were approved.

Treasurer, Cheri Andrews, gave the Treasurer’s Report. Our current balance is $802.53. There was no activity since the Spring meeting, which our total was $802.53. The report was then approved.

Mount Hermon Community Announcements – Reggie

  • Reggie emphasized the importance of good communication, growing involvement, and supportive attitudes throughout the community (MHC) and toward the Mount Hermon Association (MHA).
  • Reggie reported on the Area Representative Committee. There are nine people involved in eight different areas of Mount Hermon. They got the word out about the Fun Day in July. Those on the committee are Reggie Coates, Gordon Kvamme, Cheri Andrews, Barb McGraw, Ron Taylor, Bill & Sharon Klippenstein, Diana Bond, and Kerry Phibbs. Reggie passed around a clipboard for others to sign-up.
  • Reggie spoke of the neighborhood watch effort to support our community from unwelcome transients and to report unusual activity to the sheriff. MHA are continuing to increase security such as the fence installed at the end of Conference Drive.
  • Reggie reported on both the MHC Website (http://mounthermoncommunity.com) and MHC NextDoor (https://mounthermon.nextdoor.com).  He encouraged people to use social media like these to communicate often and in a positive manner. Reggie passed around a clipboard for others to sign-up.
  • Cheri Andrews announced the Buffet Christmas Dinner for our community, Tuesday, December 6, 6:00pm-7:45pm, $8.00 tickets on sale November 7 at the Registration Office ($8.50 for online will-call available now), Includes dinner, door prizes, games, carol singing with Dave Talbott, desert, and meet with neighbors.

Fire Chief Ron Rickabaugh, from the Felton Fire Protection District, gave a report on current issues. He has been the Fire Chief for 26 years. He explained the volunteers involvement in the recent fires and how the volunteers are involved. He recommended that everyone keep the brush away from their homes and think about clearing what would be flammable and dangerous in a fire. One question raised about reporting pot growers was addressed by Ron who said it is legal to grow a 10×10 plot of marijuana if they have a medical card.

Dale Pollock gave the Mount Hermon Association Update. He introduced Bryan Hayes, the new Vice President of Finance and Administration for Mount Hermon. Bryan spoke for a few minutes explaining his role and introducing himself. He lives in Mount Hermon and has been the Executive Director of Mission Springs Christian Conference Center for the last 16 years. Another new hire is Jeremy Bentley, Vice President of Programs. Dale explained MHA is replacing the water lines on Grandview and will continue to work on this throughout Mount Hermon until all the old lines have been replaced.

Elections for the offices of Vice-President and Secretary

  • The Executive Board nominated Ron Taylor for the office of Vice-President and Barb McGraw for the office of Secretary. Both of them spoke for a few minutes introducing themselves and answered a few questions by those present.
  • Motion was made to have them take office and it was passed. MSC

There was no new business, but one announcement of the Prayer Meeting at the Lewis’s home on Tuesdays.

Reggie thanked Gordon and Annie for their service as officers and gave them cards signed by those present, a music CD, and a bouquet of flowers for Annie and a $25.00 Starbucks card for Gordon on behalf of MHC.

Barb McGraw closed in prayer at 8:20pm.

MHC Minutes Spring 2016

June 27th, 2016

Minutes for the Spring Meeting of the Mount Hermon Community

Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 7:00pm, Newton Memorial Building

President, Reggie Coates, opened the meeting at 7:00pm with a welcome and introduction.

Vice-President, Gordon Kvamme, gave the initial prayer.

Acting Secretary, Cheri Andrews read the minutes from the Fall 2015 meeting, which were approved.

Treasurer, Cheri Andrews, gave the Treasurer’s Report. Our current balance is $802.53. From the previously reported balance of $341.75, the total credits were $817.20, the total Debits were 356.42, and the Net Total $460.78. There were four deposits: as Christmas Dinner ticket sales, $349.20 through PayPal, $103.00 cash at the door, and $363.00 through the Mount Hermon Registration Office; plus $2.00 for Neighborhood Watch sticker sales. There were seven expenditures: Business with pleasure, $12.05, $53.29, $26.64, $6.39, and $13.05; $215.00 to Mount Hermon Association for their portion of the Online Christmas Dinner ticket sales; and $30.00 to Dan Dawson for Web Hosting. The report was then approved.

Mount Hermon Community Announcements and Committees – Reggie Coates

  • Reggie emphasized the importance of good communication, growing involvement, and supportive attitudes throughout the community (MHC) and toward the Mount Hermon Association (MHA).
  • Reggie requested approval to start a new committee of Area Representatives for the community. This committee would help communicate events and important issues. Motion was made to create a small committee of neighbors to represent various areas throughout Mount Hermon to communicate better. MSC
  • Reggie spoke of the neighborhood watch effort to support our community from unwelcome transients and to report all activity to the sheriff. We were glad to have the fence installed at the end of Conference Drive.
  • Reggie reported on both the MHC Website (http://mounthermoncommunity.com) and MHC NextDoor (https://mounthermon.nextdoor.com).  He encouraged people to use social media like these to communicate often and in a positive manner.
  • Cheri Andrews announced the Fun Day for our community, Saturday, July 16, 12:00pm-5:00pm, sponsored by MHA. It includes lunch, games, and activities for free. Register for the summer and receive a name badge to participate.

Summer Registration Details – Bill Fernald

  • Bill Fernald handed out the brochures explaining what is available for the residents this summer. There was some discussion of why residents could not have swim lessons at the pool. Bill explained there is simply not enough room with all the weekly conference guests and residents paying for weekly registration as campers.

Volunteering with Mount Hermon – Don Broesemle

  • Don Broesemle handed out fliers and offered the community the opportunity to volunteer in helping Mount Hermon. Anyone interested can email Volunteer@mounthermon.org or call 831-430-4375. [See flier below]

Mount Hermon Association Update – Dale Pollock

  • Dale Pollock thanked the community for their support.
  • He also commended the community that so much water has been saved that there is no more restriction for Mount Hermon residents. However, he strongly recommended continued conserving.
  • He announced the completion of the Redwood Camp pavilion as well as the status of the meadow project. The meadow project is currently on hold.
  • He reviewed some measures being taken to assure safety for the community such as the fence at the end of Conference Drive.

Elections for the office of Secretary

  • The Executive Board as the leading nomination chose Annie Stepka for the Office of Secretary. Annie answered a few questions and voiced she was excited to help make a difference in the community.
  • Motion was made to have Annie Stepka as the new Secretary. MSC

Vice-President Gordon Kvamme closed the meeting in prayer and President Reggie Coates adjourned the meeting at 8:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Reggie Coates


Mount Hermon Community


Annual Water Quality Report

March 17th, 2016

Throughout each year, Mount Hermon Association Water Department continually tests the water pumped from the operated wells serving the community water system.  These tests ensure that no dangerous contaminants enter the homes and that we can be assured of purity.  Other characteristics such as minerals and hardness are categorized for informational purposes.  You may download copies of these reports below.

2016 Consumer Confidence Report

2015 Consumer Confidence Report

2014 Consumer Confidence Report

2013 Consumer Confidence Report

2012 Consumer Confidence Report

2011 Consumer Confidence Report

2010 Consumer Confidence Report

2009 Consumer Confidence Report

2016 Community Events – Mark Your Calendar!

March 12th, 2016

Here is a list of informative and fun events designed to help our community get closer and grow stronger. Our goal as community leaders is to enhance communication, involvement, and support throughout our community. Mark your calendar and make each event a priority in order to be a good neighbor and build our community. Everything is free unless noted below.  ~ Reggie Coates, MHC President.

Sunday, March 27 – MH Community Sunrise Service

  • 6:30 AM-7:30 AM
  • An Easter sunrise service, open to the public, will be conducted at the summit of Mount Hermon on Easter Sunday. Click Here for more details.
  • Reggie Coates will be leading a time of worship, and Mike Romberger will share an Easter message.
  • A breakfast is offered for a donation at Ponderosa Lodge, immediately following the service.

Thursday, April 14 – MH Community Spring Meeting

  • 7:00 PM-8:15 PM
  • This is our Spring meeting at Newton Memorial.
  • There will be snacks available as we catch up with each other.

Saturday, July 16 – MH Community Family Fun Day

  • 12:00 PM-4:00 PM
  • Sponsored by Mount Hermon Association, this is a day to enjoy a complimentary lunch on the field (must have your name badge) many Conference Center activities such as basketball in the gym, games in the fieldhouse and on the field, archery, ropes course, and more.
  • Great time to bring your family and get to know neighbors while having fun together.

Thursday, October 27 – MH Community Fall Meeting

  • 7:00 PM-8:15 PM
  • This is our Fall meeting at Newton Memorial.
  • There will be snacks available as we catch up with each other.

Tuesday, December 6 – MH Community Christmas Dinner Party

  • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Ivy / Ferndell Dining
  • Christmas carol singing and door prizes
  • Cost is $8.00 per person. Tickets available November 1st at the Mount Hermon Registration Office and online (fifty cent processing fee is added to each online ticket). Click Here for more information and online registration.

MHC Minutes of the Fall 2015 meeting

October 26th, 2015

MHC Minutes Fall 2015

Current Rules and Regulations of Mount Hermon Association, Inc.

September 19th, 2015




Revised and adopted by Mount Hermon Association, Inc.

September 6, 2014


Please read carefully and then attach to your lease or deed as these Rules and Regulations now supersede the prior existing statements and automatically become a part of your lease or deed.




Mount Hermon Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Association, was founded in 1906 and began selling lots to private parties to raise funds for the Association. The deeds contained restrictions, which included adherence “to rules and regulations which are now or hereafter adopted by the Association.” The Association was re-incorporated in 1929 as a nonprofit, Interdenominational Camp and Conference Center for the whole family. The intent of the Association is to preserve the land in a Christian atmosphere and to maintain a Christian testimony by conducting Christian camps and conferences for all age groups.


The Association is a legally qualified, non-profit, Corporation under State laws and shall be governed by its duly elected Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Board. The Board shall have the responsibility to establish such rules or regulations referenced above as may be needed to cause Mount Hermon Park, in its totality, to function in an equitable manner. Such rules and regulations shall continue to be a Lease or Deed restriction and shall run with the land.


Mount Hermon Association properties are used to further the Christian faith; therefore, the conduct of the other property owners, lessees and any other occupants as well as visitors of the Park shall not act to detract from such purposes. Pursuant to the Santa Cruz County Code, no loud gatherings, amplified sound, construction or noise is permitted before 8:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. No intoxicating substances, e.g., alcohol, cannabis, etc., shall be consumed by residents of Mount Hermon Park or their guests upon any common areas owned and operated by the Association. Examples of common areas: fields, trails, roadways and parking lots. Additionally, all gambling in any form is likewise prohibited upon any grounds owned by the Association. Neither shall public drunkenness, illegal use of controlled substances, profanity or obscenity be permitted. This rule will be enforced under the provisions of Section 415 of the Penal Code (Disturbing the Peace) as well as all civil remedies.


No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. The Association reserves the right to refuse service to any individual, or to have any individual removed from Mount Hermon Park who creates a disturbance or who causes any breach of the peace as is defined in Section 415 of the California Penal Code, or who refuses to adhere to the Rules or Regulations set forth herein.


Any recreational activity that may be deemed a nuisance may be abated by notice and shall be regulated by the Board.





Section A. The grounds at Mount Hermon shall be known as Mount Hermon Park, which title refers to and means any and all private property title to which may have been derived from Mount Hermon Association, a corporation, either by direct or intermediate conveyances. Within this area known as The Park, the Association may, at its discretion, enclose the Park within fences or walls and charge a gate fee for entrance therein.


Section B. The Association may, from time-to-time, dispose of lots at such prices and upon such terms as it shall deem proper, provided that the person or persons so taking the lots shall take the same subject to the agreements and covenants such as the Rules and Regulations referenced herein covering them and running with the land. All such deeds, conveyances, contracts and leases made by or on the part of the Association shall be executed and signed by the authorized representative of the Association. The Association reserves the right of first refusal to purchase at market value any property offered for sale within the Park. Subject right may be exercised at the Association’s option up to and including the time the property is in escrow. In such an event, any escrow costs incurred by the prospective purchaser pertaining to the transaction will be reimbursed by the Association.





Section A. All roads, lanes, alleys or rights-of-way within the Park are owned by the Association and are maintained by the Association for the access and use of the property owners and their guests and by the Association’s guests. The Association may at its discretion, deny such access if in the opinion of the Association a violation of said rules and regulations has occurred. The maximum speed limit throughout the Park is 15 miles per hour with caution to be exercised at all times. Any and all motor-driven vehicles including motorcycles, mini-bikes and scooters upon the private roads, lanes and alleys must be approved for use by the California Motor Vehicle Department. The operator shall be duly licensed and the vehicle operated under the limitations of the California Vehicle Code. Exceptions may be granted by application to the Association for unlicensed vehicles such as golf carts.


Section B. The right of way of roads owned by the Association generally extends beyond the actual paved surface of the roadway. A maximum of two operable vehicles per address may be properly parked in the right-of-way, in front of a resident’s property, provided they are completely off the paved roadway. Any vehicle exhibiting an expired registration, flat tire, improper parking substantial damage or otherwise inoperable condition will be deemed derelict and towed after a 72 hour notice by the Association.


Section C. No parking of equipment, materials, boats, trailers, recreation vehicles or campers of any kind is permitted on or adjacent to roads, right of ways or in the Association parking lots. Exceptions may be granted by the Association for service and delivery vehicles for a limited amount of time.




Section A. In order to preclude the possibility of over-development of the Park and in order to provide safety because of the use of septic systems and to assure all owners a sufficient supply of water, Santa Cruz County has adopted a county code which includes zoning and building requirements which must be followed.


Section B. Any construction, addition, alteration or improvement of any property in the Park shall be constructed in conformity with applicable codes. All appropriate county permits shall be obtained prior to construction. A copy of the permit application with the technical documents shall be provided to the Association. The Association may, at its discretion, request changes be made to the outside appearance, style or color scheme of structures. It would be the goal of the Association that all structures reflect the natural setting and be consistent in scale and style of other, similar construction in the Park.


Section C.

  1. Santa Cruz County Code and applicable zoning and building regulations restrict the outdoor storage of vehicles, personal property and materials. Approved storage structures and adequate screening from public view under said restrictions shall be required of all properties within the Park. The Association shall examine and inspect any properties which appear to be in violation of codes, regulations and ordinances and shall report the conditions to the proper authorities.


  1. No tents for camping or for storage of vehicles or goods or temporary structures may be erected at any time on any property. Tree houses or play structures may be erected if they are safely and aesthetically designed, and placed on the property in such a way as not to detract from the natural surroundings or cause a nuisance to the neighboring properties. Storage sheds, tree houses or play structures must be within the restrictions of the County Code, zoning and building regulations and approved by the Association prior to construction. All vehicles, materials, equipment and personal property of all kinds shall be stored in accordance with the provisions of Santa Cruz County Code, inside approved structures or in rear or side yards in a manner screened from viewing from the roads.


  1. All fences or walls must conform to Santa Cruz County Code and Planning Department and Building Department standards. There shall be no barbed wire used without prior approval of the Association. Said fences or walls will not be permitted along such roadways or intersections which obstruct sight lines at elevations between two and six feet above the roadways.


  1. Shrubs, brush, trees and other plants shall be maintained by the property owner to preserve sight visibility at intersections for all traffic.


  1. Due to the extreme fire hazard of our forested area which may cause loss of property and life, it is requested that a certain openness be maintained on all properties and particularly around all buildings located within the Park and that all properties shall be subject to the State Fire Code as enforced by the California State Fire Marshall, Cal Fire and the Felton Fire Protection District. As added fire protection, the Association encourages additional clearing of flammable vegetation such as Bay, Tan Oak trees, tall grasses and brush, non-native species and general cleaning of the area. The Association may inform the owner of record that such clearance of dead trees, windfalls, brush, etc., must be accomplished, and if, after a reasonable allotted time, the owner has not taken steps toward the clearing of the property, the Association, at its option, may remove the flammable vegetation including dead trees and brush, etc., and bill said owner for the total amount expended in the removal of said vegetation. If payment is not made within the stipulated time for such work accomplished, legal action may be instituted resulting in the filing of a lien against the property.


  1. In order to protect the area from removal of valued trees, it shall not be permitted for anyone holding ground by lease or deed from the Association to cut down or in any way to kill or destroy any tree upon such property which may be more than 12” in diameter at any point above the ground, without the written consent of the Association. Such consent may be granted only after proper application on the prescribed form has been submitted to the Association office. It shall also not be permitted for anyone to pick, cut, destroy or remove flowers, ferns, bushes, trees or shrubbery of any sort grown upon the grounds owned by the Association without the written consent of the Association.


  1. In cases of fallen or condemned timber upon any and all lots which have been sold or leased by the Association, the Association shall have the right to remove at the owner’s expense such trees and to use or destroy the same at its discretion, but only after proper written notification to the owner to remove said timber within a stipulated time.





Section A. The Association provides and maintains certain designated roads, trails and bridges throughout the Park for the use and enjoyment of the property owners. Therefore, a portion of the costs of same are to be borne by the property owners through payment annually of a Maintenance Fee, the amount of which will be established periodically by the Board of Directors. Parcels will be categorized as improved parcels or unimproved parcels. Invoices for the Maintenance Fee will be billed periodically and mailed to each property owner of record with payment due 30 days from each invoice date.


Section B. The Association also provides water for property owners. Initial connection fees, water system base fees, surcharge fees and water usage charges are established periodically by the Board of Directors. These fees and charges are billed periodically during the year with payment due 30 days from each invoice date.


Section C. Accounts with a balance past due for either the Maintenance Fee or water service may be subject to late fees, interest charges, collection costs, disconnection and reconnection fees, the filing of a lien against the property and/or the termination of water service. Billing and payment policies are determined by the Association Operations and Accounting offices. Property owners will be notified at least 60 days in advance of any changes made to billing and payment policies.





Section A. No livestock animals or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot for any commercial use. Domestic dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept as provided under the Santa Cruz County Code and such that they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose. Dogs shall be kept confined or on a leash at all times. The Santa Cruz County Animal Control may impound any stray or abandoned animal found in the Park. Dogs and Cats must have collar ID tags indicating their owner’s contact information. No animals shall be kept in the Park that are a habitual nuisance or annoyance to persons with ordinary sensibilities. Animal owners shall immediately pick up and properly dispose of any waste created by their animal on any property in the Park owned by the Association or others in the park.





Section A. All kitchen or other garbage, refuse of all sorts and offensive substances and things to be rejected must be kept in a sanitary, closed container or other suitable receptacle which shall be placed in a convenient location where contents can be removed by any rubbish disposal firm serving the Park. Residents shall comply with Santa Cruz County Code provisions regarding placement and return of receptacles within 24 hours of the disposal firm’s service. It is the goal of the Association that all receptacles be stored in a manner preventing view from the roads.





Section A. Santa Cruz County provides zoning and use restrictions on all properties within the Park. The principal use of such properties shall be residential or in furtherance of the ministry of Mount Hermon Association. Accordingly, subject to the limitations and specified exceptions provided by the Santa Cruz County Code and state and federal law, there shall be no signage, or commercial business operated on any property in the Park. Any incidental business activity shall be limited as provided by law and shall not adversely impact traffic, parking, noise, odors or cause a neighborhood disturbance.


Section B. There shall be no door-to-door solicitation of any kind or distribution of handbills, advertisements, announcements or other materials except by prior written agreement with the Association. Children who reside in the Park may solicit for school, church or other non-profit fund raising activities.





Section A. Violation or breach of any restriction herein contained shall give to the Association or its successors and assigns and to every owner of property subject to these restrictions, the right to take such action in law or equity against the owner of the property as to which said violation or breach exists and at the expense of the owner thereof for the purpose of enforcing any other provisions of these restrictions and to enjoin or prevent any violation or attempted violation of the provisions of these restrictions and to cause said violation to be remedied or to recover damages therefor.


Section B. The result of every action or omission whereby any restriction herein contained is violated in whole or in part is hereby declared to be and to constitute a nuisance. Every remedy allowed by law or equity against every such result may be exercised against said person.


Section C. Enforcement actions are determined by Mount Hermon Association which may assign or appoint an agent or volunteer officer to carry out enforcement actions by separate agreement.


Section D. Invalidation of any one or more of these Rules and Regulations by judgment or court order shall not affect any of the other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.


<Click> on the link below to view the 2014 Update