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Welcome to the Mount Hermon Community website.  We are hoping everyone enjoys it here and gets involved in building our community.

Our residents group called the Mount Hermon Community (MHC) is an independent organization for the purpose of friendship, self-help, communication, and safety/security serving the nearly 450 homes on the grounds. Everyone living on the Mount Hermon grounds is a member of this group.

We work in cooperation with the Mount Hermon Association (MHA), but remain a separate organization. Home owners, renters, and staff residents of Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center are all a part of this community.

To help increase communication between all of us, we’d like you to join the e-community, send your name, physical address and e-mail address to: mail@mounthermoncommunity.com. You can also join the social media sites at NextDoor.com which comes on a mobile app as well. You can hear what’s going on in just Mount Hermon or hear from those in adjacent neighborhoods as well. We have close to 200 of our residents on it. There’s also our Facebook page.

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2018 Events

Communication – Involvement – Support

Here is a list of informative and fun events designed to help our community get closer and grow stronger. Our goal as community leaders is to enhance positive communication, caring involvement, and constructive support throughout our community. Mark your calendar and make each event a priority in order to be a good neighbor and build our community. Everything is free unless noted below.  ~ Reggie Coates, MHC President.

Tuesday, March 20 – MH Community Sunrise Service

7:00 PM-8:30 PM
There are many residents of Mount Hermon who have questions and concerns. We are holding a panel discussion of both leaders from the Mount Hermon Community and the leaders of Mount Hermon Association. This is a special meeting at Redwood Camp open to all residents on the Zyante Creek side and the Conference side. Our regular/general meeting is two weeks later. But, if you would like to ask those involved in leadership any question, please come to this informative meeting.

Sunday, April 1 – MH Community Sunrise Service

6:30 AM-7:30 AM
An Easter sunrise service, open to the public, will be conducted at the summit of Mount Hermon on Easter Sunday. Click Here for more details. Reggie Coates will be leading a time of worship, and Mike Romberger will share an Easter message.
A breakfast is offered for a donation at Ponderosa Lodge, immediately following the service.


Thursday, April 26 – MH Community Spring Meeting

7:00 PM-8:15 PM
This is our Spring meeting in the Newton Memorial building.
There will be information on Summer Registration for Mount Hermon and what’s going on with both our community and the Mount Hermon Association. There will be snacks available as we catch up with each other.

Saturday, August 18 – MH Community Family Fun Day

12:00 PM-4:30 PM
Sponsored by Mount Hermon Association, this is a day to enjoy a complimentary lunch on the field (must have your name badge) many Conference Center activities such as basketball in the gym, games in the fieldhouse and on the field, archery, ropes course, and more. Great time to bring your family and get to know neighbors while having fun together.

Thursday, October 25 – MH Community Fall Meeting

7:00 PM-8:15 PM
This is our Fall meeting at Newton Memorial. There will be snacks available as we catch up with each other and cover what’s going on with both our community and the Mount Hermon Association.

Tuesday, December 4 – MH Community Christmas Dinner Party

6:00 PM – 7:45 PM
Ivy / Ferndell Dining
There will be Christmas carol singing and gifts from local businesses.
Cost is $8.50 per person. Tickets available November 3rd through December 2nd at the Mount Hermon Registration Office and online (fifty cent processing fee is added to each online ticket). Click Here for more information.