Qualities of a Good Neighbor

  1. They practice frequent positive communication.
  2. They want to build good relationships.
  3. They are quick to lend a helping hand.
  4. They look out for other’s property and possessions for possible theft or damage.
  5. They are involved and are responsive to unusual situations.
  6. They promote the well-being of the whole community.
  7. They are concerned for widows, elderly, and children.
  8. Parents are willing to provide a safe place for neighborhood children.
  9. They obey the law.
  10. They seek a win-win situation when problems arise.

Cooperate with others through positive and reasonable communication, observing speed limits (15mph), having an attractive yard, parking vehicles completely off the roads, storing trash cans out of view from the road, and not disturbing the peace.

Other park reminders are to use brown tarps and not blue tarps, attain proper permits for building and tree removal, obey leash and dog barking laws, and be careful to conserve our precious water.

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