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The Mount Hermon Community website is for building relationships and encouraging involvement in our community.

This group consists of residents of the Mount Hermon Community (MHC), an independent organization for the purpose of friendship, self-help, communication, and safety/security serving the over 490 homes on the grounds. Everyone living on the Mount Hermon grounds is a member of this group. Homeowners, renters, and staff residents of Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center are all a part of this community. We work in cooperation with the Mount Hermon Association (MHA) but remain a separate organization.

To help increase communication, we’d like you to Join the e-Community: send your name, physical address and e-mail address to [email protected]. You can also join the social media sites at NextDoor.com (also available on mobile app). Use NextDoor to hear about what’s going on in Mount Hermon or hear from those in adjacent neighborhoods as well. We have close to 200 of our residents on NextDoor. You can also “Like” our Facebook page.

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Communication – Involvement – Support

Here is a list of informative and fun events designed to help our community get closer and grow stronger. Our goal as community leaders is to enhance positive communication, caring involvement, and constructive support throughout our community. Mark your calendar and make each event a priority in order to be a good neighbor and build our community. (All events are free unless otherwise noted.)

Our latest updates can be found under News & Events.

~ Ron Taylor, MHC President

Upcoming Events


Tuesday, April 16, 2024 7:00-8:15 pm – MHC Spring Meeting
Location: Newton memorial

We will be having our Spring Meeting in person. The meeting location will be at Newton Memorial, near the Field House parking lot. The agenda will be available under News & Events one week before the meeting. We will be going over options for summer registration and having a special breakout session on Firewise after the general meeting. If you are not able to attend in person, you can watch on our Facebook Live video stream at https://fb.me/e/4xopMU2Yr. If it records correctly, we’ll have the video available on our Facebook page to view later (https://www.facebook.com/mounthermoncommunity/).


Donate to Mount Hermon Community

Mount Hermon Community has some yearly expenses in order to maintain communication. Google is no longer allowing community organizations like ours a free email accounts, which we have enjoyed since we started our website over 15 years ago. The MHC Officers and Area Reps volunteer their time. But, our yearly expenses for our website, emails, Post Office box, flier duplication and such come to about $360. We have not had a fundraiser for a few years because of the pandemic, but we are brainstorming creative ways to help us. Would you consider donating any amount?