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Question: What is happening to the water quality?  It tastes different.

Recent work on the well system was necessary due to a deteriorating pump and well casing.  This work has caused a temporary change in the taste and color of the water.  Most importantly, the water is safe and not contaminated.  The Mount Hermon water department is aware of the situation and is working hard to resolve the problem.

Question: How can I get involved with Neighborhood Watch in my area of Mount Hermon?

Neighborhood Watch is a national crime prevention organization to help communities like ours be aware of how to prevent crime, what to do when it happens, and provide resources like signs and stickers to thwart intruders. Anyone who lives within the 440 acres of Mount Hermon is a part of Neighborhood Watch. There is no formal membership. Neighborhood Watch was started around 30 years ago, but not much was done organizationally for a 15 year period until 1999 when Reggie Coates began to oversee it. Now, there are signs up at every entrance of the park, stickers & pamphlets available for every home, and meetings are held twice a year coinciding with our Community Meetings (October & April). Sheriff officers regularly speak at these meetings to enlighten residents of crime prevention efforts. In order for you to be actively involved, get to know your neighbors, their names, addresses, and phone numbers. Communicate often and take special care to note when they are gone. You can make a difference by “watching” out for others and caring about the safety of our community. Visit for more information.