Spring 2010 Chipper Days!

The Felton Fire District will be bringing the chipper to chip brush on Monday, May 16th. You may pile up brush any time between April 19th and May 16th. Please do not add any additional brush after May 16th, 2010. 

You may pile brush in the following locations:

1.      End of Conference Drive (between the last driveway and the end of the road)

2.      End of Buckeye (in the turn out area before the Sewer Plant)

3.      Lilac and Canyon (in the turn out area)

Signs will be posted in the location of the Brush Piles

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Please use your Green Waste cans for grass and leaves and do not put these in the chipper pile. The pile should be brush and branches only.
  • No Poison Oak or Scotch Broom!
  • Please avoid very dry limbs or brush over 3” in diameter.
  • Please stack brush in one direction with butt end toward the roadway so it can be loaded into the chipper easily.
  • Please do not bring brush to the piles prior to April 19th.
  • Please do not drop off any brush there after May 16th.
  • Brush will be chipped on or after Monday, May 16th.

This Chipper Day is provided in joint cooperation between Felton Fire Protection District, The Mount Hermon Community Group and Mount Hermon Association Inc.

If you have any questions, please call

Mark Lilley  831-430-1203

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