Mount Hermon Community Spring Meeting Minutes, April 28, 2010

Mount Hermon Community Meeting Minutes
Spring Meeting, Newton Memorial
April 28, 2010, 7:00 PM

1.    Co-President, Armand Langmo called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and Co-President Jim Linman opened the meeting in prayer.

2.    The Fall Meeting minutes for October 21, 2009 were read by Secretary Janet Payne.  There being no questions or motions to amend, a motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded and carried by majority voice vote.

3.    Treasurer .Barbara Grensted reported that the Community checking account has a balance of $640.32.   There being no questions or motions to correct, a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made, seconded and carried by majority voice vote.

4.    The Community welcomed a presentation by Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sergeant Jim Ross.  Sgt. Ross is assigned to the local county sheriff’s office which has been moved into the Cal Fire building on Highway 9 in Felton.  The San Lorenzo Valley area is allocated two deputies per shift and there is also a non-sworn community service officer who can help us with non-emergencies such as thefts, vandalism, abandoned cars or other eyesores that affect our community and with the homeless encampments.  The Sheriff’s Department is interested in anything we feel is suspicious because citizens are their first source of information.  Often, such suspicions lead to a larger issues, crime and increased patrol.  Even though Mount Hermon Association roads are private property, the roadways constitute public access, their deputies will do patrols and vacation watches.

Non-emergency, Online reporting is available at

A number of questions and concerns were voiced about vandalism, thefts and suspicious activity in our community.  A resident encouraged others to call 911 about vandalism.  Sgt. Ross reminded the community that 911 is for emergency calls only.  Other reports can be made online or by telephoning (831) 471-1121.  Culprits of several recently spray-painted cars have been caught, and a resident participated in a victim dialog program. We were also reminded that if you call 911, do it from a home telephone because cell phones first connect to the CHP and take longer to get to the Sheriff.

5.    Co-President, Armand Langmo presented the Community Announcements.
·         Clarification on the Letter to Homeowner’s Regarding Woodwardia Bridge
The County of Santa Cruz has ordered that the bridge will need to be closed to all vehicular traffic not later than January 1, 2014.  Whether the bridge can be rebuilt depends on us coming up with the funds for it.  In the interim, through substantial efforts by Mount Hermon Association, Community representatives and the support of Supervisor, Mark Stone, permission has been obtained for permanent access from Lilac Lane to Mount Hermon Road.  Entrance to, and exit from Lilac Lane will be by right-turn, only.  The speed and visibility on Mount Hermon Road is too dangerous to permit anything more.  Even if the bridge is rebuilt, there would still be the alternate access to get to Scotts Valley.
·         House Tours
In October, 2008, we had a successful community house tour.  Ticket money went into our Community account.  We plan to do another house tour in late summer or fall this year intending to give the net proceeds to the Mount Hermon Association Campership Fund.

6.    Mount Hermon Association, C.O.O, Alden Johanson and Technical Services Manager, Dale Pollock presented updates and clarifications on on-going activities.

·     Woodwardia Bridge – Dale Pollock reported that work is progressing on the permanent access from Lilac Lane.  The engineering cost will be $19,400 (down from an initial bid of $23,500.)  This is being paid from the road, bridges and trails assessment paid as part of the water bill.  When the access onto Mount Hermon Road is complete, Mount Hermon wants close the bridge because there is a monthly inspection fee of $500.00 being paid.  A closed bridge will still allow pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts.  A more detailed discussion of the County process, right-turn only details and neighborhood concerns followed.  Past-President, Bernie Denton has had an extensive meeting on the issue and conveyed the concerns of the residents on the Woodwardia side of the bridge.  He expressed appreciation for the work done to obtain the best possible compromise solution.

·    Water System – Dale Pollock reported that the Water Department of the Association has a contract to replace one of the two water storage tanks on Madrone with funds that have accumulated from the surcharge paid with each water bill.  The cost will be $180,000.  Ongoing payments will provide for replacement of the second tank in the future.

·    Vandalism – Dale Pollock reported that several residents had their cars broken into recently, and warned not to leave cars or houses unlocked.  If there is vandalism, call the sheriff, but also call Mount Hermon Association to tell them about it.

7.  Spring Clean-up/ Parking – Mount Hermon Association, Facilities Manager, Mark Lilley reported on three issues of concern to the Community.
·    Chipping Day
The Felton Fire Department is again going to bring their chipper to Mount Hermon on May 16.  Brush on our property should be no closer to the house than 30 feet.

Before May 16, we can take brush to the end of Buckeye, to the end of Conference Drive, and to Canyon and Lilac.  There will be signs and guidelines there, including how to bundle the brush with the cut ends facing the street.
·    Parking on Roadways
Mark reminded the Community that we should all help enforce the parking rules. No more than 2 vehicles in front of a house, no trailers, RVs, or large trucks on should be parked on Mount Hermon roads, keep 12 feet of open space across the road so the fire trucks can get through.  Questions for Mark included the need for speed bumps on Pine Ave. near Manzanita.  The Association will look into it.
·    Abandoned Vehicles
Sergeant Ross said we can inform their office of problems in our community and the Association promised stepped-up enforcement of parking and community issues.

8.  Community Improvement Report, Paul Izor
Mount Hermon Association, Director of Adult Ministries, Dave Burns was introduced who, along with Michele Izor, will be starting up a Mount Hermon All-Comers Choir.  Planned for the Fall of 2010, the Mount Hermon Community, as well as all San Francisco/Santa Cruz bay area friends of Mount Hermon, will serve Mount Hermon and churches in the area with lively as well as contemporary musical worship.  Look for a sign at the post office as well as more information from the Community.

9.  The Election of New Officers was opened by Co-President Armand Langmo.
Nominations have been opened for offices of Community President and Secretary.  The incumbents were only candidates to come forward.  Whereupon, the nominations were closed and a motion was made and seconded to approve the nominations.  The motion was unanimously approved by voice vote. Those officers are Armand Langmo and Jim Linman, Co-Presidents, and Barbara Grensted, Treasurer.

10.  Other Community Business was opened by Armand Langmo.
·    One person said that a child’s fort was broken apart and spray-painted at a residence.
·    Another asked about a house with a camper truck, and old car, and a “mess.”  Armand said person-to-person contact is the best, and that Paul Izor could go with him.  Mark said he would look into it.
·    Residents near Victory Circle were concerned about fires built by groups in the dry post-summer season.  Mark said there is always a custodian on duty, but that he would check into the rules and instructions given to groups.
·    Mark assured another resident that they would look into putting a grate in the pond to protect ducklings.
·    Armand and Mark said they would see about getting vegetation cut at Summit Ave. and Graham Hill Road as per a request.
·    Someone said the website did not have the meeting details, so Paul will work on that.
·    We were reminded of the Mount Hermon Prayer Meeting, the first Tuesday of the month, at James and Dorothy Wood’s house.  Look of signs at the post office.

11.  A motion was made, seconded and carried that the meeting be adjourned at 8:39pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Payne
Secretary, Mount Hermon Community

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