Getting Emergency Information, 1/28/21

Dear Mount Hermon Community,

Some Mount Hermon Community (MHC) residents and home owners have been concerned about the recent storm with Evacuation Warnings and Evacuation Orders this past week for zones close by us.

Mount Hermon is Zone FEL-E005B of the Felton Fire District. There has been no notifications for us from CAL FIRE.

You can be assured that if there was an emergency in our community, an email would go out right away. I’m thankful for residents who communicate on Next Door regarding a number of helpful issues. This note is to help you access important information that is current and relevant to Mount Hermon.

Thankfully, Mount Hermon is weathering the current storm pretty well. It will not be raining tomorrow through Sunday and we’ve made it the last couple of days without losing power due to the storm. I was thinking of all we’ve gone through recently with fire, earthquake, wind and rain. Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing from here on out. I’m sorry to hear about some houses being hit by trees and other damage done. Sherri and I had our deck roof blown off by the winds last week.

It is important that you get the information you want when it comes to weather, crime, traffic, road closures, etc. Information can be found (“pulled”) from websites, but the best way to get it immediately is to have it “pushed” to you. I have found these three resources to be very helpful. They will send (“push”) you the most current happenings.

Getting current information sent to you as it occurs is easy.

Go to this site, fill out your email address, name, and what county you want information about (Santa Cruz County), then click on the Submit button. CAL FIRE will send you the latest updates and News Releases in our area. This is very helpful to know Evacuation Warnings and Orders.

  • KSBW Local News APP
    The KSBW Action News app connects you to local news (Apple and Android). This app provides you with real-time access to breaking news and weather straight from the KSBW news team. You can set notifications to let you know when breaking news comes in regarding weather, COVID19, crime, traffic, sports, etc.

You can help during these difficult times by knowing your neighbors and being willing to help where you can. Visit our website at for tips on emergency preparedness, recent meeting minutes, the latest newsletter, and more. Joining Next Door ( will also keep you informed. If you just want to hear about Mount Hermon you can change that in settings. We will be having our twice-a-year Community meeting (through Zoom) on Thursday, April 22, at 7:00pm. I will be emailing you the details the beginning of April.

The Mount Hermon Association (MHA) is staying on top of the Roads, Trails, and Bridges. They have a tree service company clearing the debris left by the wind last week and the storm this week. Anything that has to do with roads, trails or bridges is handled by Dale Pollock. You can reach him at [email protected] or call (831) 335-4466.

I hope you gave a great weekend! Stay safe and healthy.

In this together,

Reggie Coates

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