MHC Meeting Video 4-29-21

Here is the video of the 4-29-21 MHC Meeting featuring Sheriff’s Update with Sergeant Jason Dunn; Felton Fire Protection District Update with Fire Chief Robert Gray; FireWise Community with Lynn Sestak; Community Announcements with Reggie Coates; Summer Registration Update with Bill Fernald; and 2020 Roads/Trails/Bridges Financial Review with Bryan Hayes. The meeting notes (minutes) can be found under Community Meeting Minutes (

Here is a list of email addresses for the speakers if you’d like to connect with them.

Robert Gray – [email protected]
Jason Dunn – [email protected]
Lynn Sestak – [email protected]
Adam Hensleigh – [email protected]
Bryan Hayes – [email protected]
Bill Fernald – [email protected]
Reggie Coates [email protected]
Laurie Shipley [email protected]

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