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My name is Laurie Shipley and I’m heading up this Map Your Neighborhood program by C.E.R.T for the Mount Hermon Community. I have lived in Mount Hermon for 30 years and have experienced a few disasters over that time. Most of us residents would agree that the Mount Hermon community needs to be ready for disasters in many ways. The MHC Executive Board agrees that it is essential to find out who lives where throughout Mount Hermon and begin preparing for future disasters.

To strengthen our community, MHC is introducing a Map Your Neighborhood program, associated with CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team, to provide support and response in the event of a disaster.

What is Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)? MYN is a unique program developed in 2009 by the Washington State Emergency Management Department to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters – neighbors helping neighbors. It’s a peer-led, team-based program that provides training & resources needed to help neighborhoods get ready for any disaster. Endorsed by local fire and emergency professionals, MYN allows first responders to focus on the most urgent needs of the local community.

MHC will be rolling out this MYN program in two phases:

Phase #1.  List resident address and name for everyone. Email, phone, and the other information is requested for emergencies but optional. All information remains only with MHC and is only shared with police or firefighters in the event of an emergency and there is no obligation to provide this information. Our goal is to collect contact information by September 1st, 2021.

Phase #2.   Complete the remaining CERT MYN steps to ensure emergency preparedness for all. This stage includes equipping interested residents in hosting a 90-minute training meeting for their nearby neighbors.  All the materials are prepared and organized ahead of time, and it is a fun way to strengthen your community. There will be a call out for volunteers to host these meetings after the contact information is collected.

  1. Fill out the online Resident Information form linked here:
  2. Download and print the contact information form and mail to:

Mount Hermon Community
PO Box 4
Mount Hermon, CA 95041

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  1. This format will not let me fill out above…
    Not knowing where this info was to be posted didn’t know if I should leave it here?

  2. Vanita, did you get your question answered? If you click on the first link, you can fill out the form online. If you click on the second link, it will open up a PDF form for you to PRINT and then fill out. You will not be able to fill out the PDF online. You have to print it out first, fill it out, then mail it by USPS or give it to Laurie Shipley by hand. I hope this helps.

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