Text Alerts and Outdoor Science School

Dear Mount Hermon Community,
There are two important notices from Mount Hermon Association that we want you to get right away. 

  1. Outdoor Science School is starting back up this Monday, 2/7/22, and MHC residents need to be aware of children at the conference center walking around.
  2. MHA is implementing a Text Alert System for emergencies and we should make sure they have a current cell phone number. The Info Form is attached to this email. This information is being sent with the January Water Bill and will be reiterated at our Spring Meeting in March.

Reggie Coates
Mount Hermon Community
[email protected]

Here is the Science camp notice from Austin Fought:

Dear Mount Hermon Community,
We are thrilled to announce that the Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School will be welcoming 5th and 6th grade students back to Mount Hermon for our 5-day science program next week! This unique program exposes students to the wonder of the outdoors and provides a one of a kind transformational experience.
For this season, the program will operate out of the Conference Center as Ponderosa Lodge remains closed for renovations. We will be working closely with all OSS students and teachers as the location change will necessitate a greater awareness of our surroundings and neighbors as we operate in a more centralized location.
Be aware that elementary aged students may be encountered on any Mount Hermon roadway between 8:00 am and 8:30 pm; especially on Conference Drive near the dining hall and dormitory buildings. The Outdoor Science School operates Monday-Friday and students will be present on those days throughout the Spring. Students are always under adult supervision and we will be implementing road crossing procedures however students are easily distracted while at camp so please use extra caution when driving through these areas.
Thank you in advance for your support of this transformational program and for helping us create a safe space for all Mount Hermon guests.
~ Austin Fought
Austin Fought
 | Interim Director of Education | dir 831.430.1239
po box 413, mount hermon, ca 95041

Here is the Text Alert System notice from Dale Pollock:

Dear Homeowners and Residents,
In an effort to respond to community issues and concerns in a more timely and efficient manner, Mount Hermon Association has adopted a mobile phone text-based alert system that can push water and/or road notifications to all residents. To be added to our database and included in our new text alert system, you must provide your current mobile phone number(s). Please, update your contact information and, if applicable, your tenant contact information, by:

Thank you!
~ Dale Pollock
Dale Pollock | Director of Facilities | 831.335.4466po box 413, mount hermon, ca 95041

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