MHA Summer Pass & Road Trimming

Greetings Mount Hermon Community!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the beauty of Spring! Here are a couple of things Mount Hermon Association would like you to know.

Summer Registration
Summer Registration is now open and the online form became live today (Monday 5/2 at 9am). Here’s the link: Mount Hermon Community Pass. Mount Hermon Association would like every resident to register for this Community Pass in order to use common areas like trails, the field, the Fountain, and roaming the grounds. Registration gives you opportunity for many fun activities over the summer. But, for the safety of our community and the conferee guests who come to Mount Hermon, it is important for those who live here to wear a name tag to let others know you are residents of Mount Hermon.

Trimming Overgrown Vegetation
“MHA will be trimming the overgrown vegetation along the Mount Hermon roadsides tentatively June 1 through June 17. We typically trim back at least 4-5 feet from the edge of the pavement to comply with recommended fire fuel reduction and to maintain minimum sight lines when driving along the roads. We will do our best to avoid trimming personal landscaping, but it is not always obvious to us where this exists. Please remember that the Mount Hermon road right-of-way extends another 5-7 feet beyond the edge of the pavement. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this process. If you have any questions, please call 831-430-4302.” ~ Rebecca Krusee on behalf of Dale Pollock

Keeping Up To Date
You can find out many things at our website: You can read the Minutes or watch the video of our last MHC Spring Meeting at:

Have a great weekend!

Reggie Coates & the MHC Board of Directors

2 Replies to “MHA Summer Pass & Road Trimming”

  1. Hi.
    I registered our family for the free summer badges. I see that there is another pass for $175/adult but don’t see what this pass allows one to use. We used to sign up each summer. We got a week of camp with childcare, use of the boats and pool and other game facilities. We were also able to attend the summer concert series.
    Where can I find out what the details are so I can decide if I want to change my pass?

    Katie Hendrickson

  2. When you go to the MHA website, their Summer Pass page, you’ll see a list of what is offered for both options. The premium one offers a week of camp, pool and boat access. You can change your registration with no problem.

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