Welcome Letter

Welcome from the Mount Hermon Community!

This 455 acre Park, established in 1906, is the home of Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center and Mount Hermon Association, Inc. (MHA). These grounds are developed and dedicated for the sharing of the Christian message to everyone, nurturing of Christian families and conducting Christian conferences for all ages. Historically, Mount Hermon properties have been used as a retreat for Christian refreshment and biblical encouragement. This focus continues today!

Our residents group called the Mount Hermon Community (MHC) is an independent organization for the purpose of friendship, self-help, communication, and safety/security serving the over 490 homes on the grounds. We work in cooperation with MHA. Two general community meetings (in October & April) and two social events (a winter Christmas dessert and a summer Family Fun Day) are held each year to which you are cordially invited. You can enjoy all Mount Hermon has to offer as outlined on our site and MHA’s Summer Pass Registration page.

Summer registration for limited use of certain facilities is available from MHA for a reasonable fee. All property owners and residents are subject to the covenants, agreements, and Rules and Regulations (which are attached to your deed).

For your ease in getting established, all utilities are by private contractor except water, for which the owner contracts with MHA. An annual improvement fee is paid to MHA by home owners.

Because many of the roads are narrow and winding, please observe the 15 mph speed limit on all roads. Please be aware of the County requirement for emergency vehicle access. Blocking a road may result in potential liability. Please cooperate with the pet Leash Law. Most mail is by Post Office Box, however, the Zayante area, and some others, is served by carrier from Felton.

Many of the residents are a part of Next Door (http://mounthermon.nextdoor.com), which is a community based social media. We recommend everyone be a part of it.

Again, welcome to the Mount Hermon Community! Visit our website for more details, Rules and Regulations, important phone numbers and emergency preparedness information. http://www.mounthermoncommunity.com. You can email the officers at [email protected]

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