Update on the Mount Hermon water quality

Recently, the Community has experienced a change in the quality of the water from Mount Hermon.  We reported in Questions and Answers how the work necessary to maintain one of the wells resulted in a change in taste.  In response to your ongoing questions, we now report a follow up from Dale Pollock:

“Periodic changes in water color and taste are being caused by a higher than normal iron concentration coming from Well #2. The cause has been identified as coming from the recently cleaned steel casing. The problem will diminish over time, as the steel casing develops a mineral coating to prevent the water from reacting with the exposed steel. Right now we are managing the problem by thoroughly flushing Well #2 before putting it online, using it only when needed, and blending its water with Well #3. As a reminder, the presence of iron in drinking water is not hazardous to your health, only undesirable.”

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