Facilities Services Manager, Mark Lilley has been around Mount Hermon for nearly 40 years and he knows his stuff. We are indeed fortunate to have this life-long resident accept the challenge to formulate a comprehensive emergency response for the Community. Assuredly, he will need the help and inspiration of many as the plan begins to take shape.

Emergency Response Questions & Answers

Q. Where can I learn more about local fire hazards and what to do?
A. Current fire conditions can be monitored at

Q. What are the recommended things I can do to protect my home?
A. Recommendations for homeowners for fire protection are contained in a pamphlet called Living with Fire in Santa Cruz County. The Pamphlet can be downloaded from the Home Page of our web site.

Q. How will we be notified of an emergency in the general area?
A. The County intends to utilize a “Reverse 911” telephone call to hard line telephone numbers in the effected areas. Cell phones will not be called.

Q. Where can we get more detailed information?
A. Local radio and TV outlets will presumably also provide additional information. In addition, to obtain information on location and nature of a Santa Cruz County emergency response, go to:

Q. What if I am not indoors when a emergency occurs?
A. The “Felton Noon Whistle” will sound to alert the population about a general emergency in the area.

Q. Who is the Community emergency response coordinator?
A.  Mark Lilley has agreed to serve. If you would like to share in this effort, his e-mail address is [email protected]

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