Report on the September 3, 2008 Community Meeting

On August 27, the County of Santa Cruz posted a Notice and Order on the Woodwardia Bridge specifying various concerns about the bridge condition and ordering that certain actions be taken.  As a result, Mount Hermon Association notified the owners and residents using the bridge and set a meeting to discuss what next steps may be taken.

Approximately 25 residents attended the meeting, facts and actions taken to date were presented by Mount Hermon’s Dale Pollock, Alden Johansen and Armand Langmo.  Click on this link to download the woodwardia-bridge-fact-sheet

Several residents voiced questions and concerns about the current state of the bridge, interim measures to be taken and what the long-term solution may include.  Mount Hermon Association is in the process of retaining structural and traffic engineers to analyze all aspects of the traffic flow through Woodwardia as well as Mount Hermon Road and to analyze renovation or replacement of the bridge foundation and structure.  The Community was assured of continuing reports as information is obtained.

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