Who Do I Call in Case of Emergency?

Depending upon the type of emergency, a number of resources are available to the Community in time of need.  Obviously, in the case of Fire, Medical or Criminal activity, CALL 911.

However, trees fall across roads, water mains break and those are the things that Mount Hermon Association wants to respond to with efficiency.  Telephone the main number for Mount Hermon (831)335-4466.  During normal business hours, the telephone is staffed and the maintenance crew is instantly available by radio.  During off-hours, the main number is automated to immediately send a pager message to on-call personnel.  Don’t hang up!  Follow the automated instructions and leave a detailed message including a call back telephone number.  Stay off your telephone so you can receive the call back.  Leaving multiple messages ties up your phone.

The Mount Hermon Community wants to be of assistance with other types of emergencies.  Our volunteers can become over-worked with dead batteries, leaky pipes and ordinary maintenance chores that should be handled by paid professionals.  These are not emergencies.  If you do have an emergency, telephone one of us in the Community.  Neighbors help neighbors.

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