MHC Minutes – Spring 2017

Spring Meeting Minutes of the Mount Hermon Community

Thursday, May 4, 2017, 7:00pm

Youth Memorial Building, Mount Hermon


Agenda Items

  • Reggie Coates gave the President’s Call to Order at 7:05pm, Welcome, and Introduction.
  • Vice President Ron Taylor provided the Opening Prayer.
  • The Secretary’s Report was given by Reggie Coates (Secretary Barb McGraw could not attend). Motion/Second/Approved
  • Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Cheri Andrews. Motion/Second/Approved
    • At the Fall meeting, October 27, 2016, we had $802.53
    • Our current balance is $1,042.54
    • Detailed Activity
      • Receipts:
        • 12/13/16 – $80.00 Deposit: Silent Auction
        • 12/15/16 – $184.00 Deposit: Door Ticket Sales
        • 12/19/16 – $292.94 Deposit: Online Ticket Sales
      • Disbursements:
        • 10/24/16 – $45.00 for Web Hosting Fees
        • 10/27/16 – $14.06 for supplies for Fall Meeting
        • 10/27/16 – $31.47 for supplies for Fall Meeting
        • 11/07/16 – $10.32 for supplies for Christmas Dinner
        • 11/07/16 – $73.47 for supplies for Christmas Dinner
        • 12/09/16 – $102.61 for Starbuck’s gift cards, Christmas dinner fliers and poster.
        • 04/03/17 – $30.00 for Web Hosting Fees
        • 05/02/17 – $10.00 for Web Hosting Fees


  • Mount Hermon Association Update was given by Dale Pollock
    • There’s not much happening on the water lines because of the slide on Terrace Drive.
    • There’s been an increase in water levels.
    • The storm caused damage mostly to Redwood Camp.
    • The storm did some damage to Conference Drive near Roaring Camp Drive (movement on the embankment where the cones are). They will be repairing that. [Any work on Conference Drive is paid for by MHA and not the MHC-RTB fees.]
  • Summer Registration details were explained by Bill Fernald.
    • Everyone must register at the front office and receive a name badge.
    • Fun Day for our community, Saturday, August 19, 12:00pm-5:00pm
      • Includes lunch, games, and all activities for free
      • Register for the summer and receive a name badge to participate
    • The report on Roads, Trails, and Bridges was given by Joshua Shively
      • There have been lots of fixes throughout Mount Hermon such as the handrails on Parkway.
      • If you have any concerns, call the office and a work order will be created.
    • Community Announcements were given by Reggie reiterating the MHC focus on positive Communication, Involvement, and Support. He also reminded everyone of the community website at and social media site at
    • Fire Chief Ron Rickabaugh, from the Felton Fire Protection District, gave a report on current issues.
      • He recommended that everyone keep the brush away from their homes and think about clearing what would be flammable and dangerous in a fire.
      • He said most of the calls they get are not fire related but medical related. Have papers ready for you and your family in case of a medical emergency.
      • He explained how Cal-Fire and the Felton Fire Department work together. Cal-Fire takes the lead when brush is involved and Felton Fire Department takes the lead when buildings are involved.
      • Make sure your street number is very clear to see.
    • Sheriff Department Update – Paul Izor
      • The volunteer Sheriff helpers will evaluate the safety of your home and do a drive by while you’re on vacation. Call the Felton Sheriff’s office.
    • There was no New Business.
    • Ron Taylor closed the evening at 8:10pm in prayer.


Respectfully submitted,


Reggie Coates – Mount Hermon Community President

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