Construction on Conference Drive 9/15 – 11/15, 2017

Construction on Conference Drive September 15th to November 15th, 2017

As you may know, this past winter, Mount Hermon survived a non-stop series of storms, unlike anything we have experienced in over 30 years. After the rains subsided, Mount Hermon Association discovered some significant damage to Conference Drive and sought out a Geotech Engineer to help assess the next steps. His evaluation revealed that the damage was a symptom of something MUCH bigger—the entire hillside is moving! Just beyond the bridge, there is a 110-foot section of hillside that has shifted both above and below Conference Drive.

Immediate action to stabilize Conference Drive is going to take place before winter arrives!

The construction will happen in two stages:

The first stage is to secure Conference Drive itself. (Happening September 15 – November 15, 2017)

This will require:
— 30 concrete stitch piers, each 2-ft in diameter, to be drilled down to bedrock in the hillside below Conference Drive
— Re-compacting and grading of the road
— Laying fresh asphalt

The next stage is to stabilize the hillside above Conference Drive. (Fall 2018)

This will involve:
— The installation of 10 concrete piers into bedrock
— A new retaining wall to hold back the hillside
— A new drainage system to reduce any further erosion

Mount Hermon Association’s insurance will cover everything over the $250,000 deductible. Conference Drive will be repaired at no cost to the Mount Hermon Community as the Mount Hermon Association assumes all financial responsibility and repairs for Conference Drive. Funds are being raised by Mount Hermon’s partnerships and donors to provide for the deductible.

Construction time for Stage One of this project will be approximately eight weeks, running from September 15th to November 15th.

** What to expect regarding traffic flow during construction: **
— Roaring Camp Road will be closed to through traffic past the last residence.
— All traffic to Mount Hermon will be via Conference Drive off Graham Hill Road.
— Traffic will be restricted to a single lane of travel controlled by a stop sign at each end of the construction area.
— Pedestrians will use a designated walkway around the project area.
— Minimal delays expected

If you have questions that have an immediate concern, please feel free to contact Bryan Hayes: Bryan Hayes, Vice President of Finance and Administration [email protected] 831.430.1230

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