MHC Special Meeting Minutes 3-20-18

Special Meeting Minutes of Mount Hermon Community

Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 7:00pm
Redwood Camp, Mount Hermon

Reggie Coates (MHC President) opened the meeting at 7:00pm and introduced the panel in front. Reggie and Ron Taylor (MHC Vice-President) represented the Mount Hermon Community (MHC). Dale Pollock (MHA Facilities Engineer) and Bryan Hayes (MHA Vice President of Finance and Administration) represented the Mount Hermon Association (MHA). Unfortunately, our secretary could not make it and my notes do not contain names of those who shared except the front panel.

Vice President Ron Taylor provided the Opening Prayer.

Discussion Items

  • One community member raised the concern about how loud Ponderosa lodge gets with the megaphones, especially during the summer. Main area, tennis courts, and other places seem to try to be as loud as possible. Can staff be more appropriate to the surroundings and stop being loud after curfew, which is 10:00pm. Ron Taylor said he has heard an increase in loudness over the years. He thought this member’s concerns are well founded and Ron will speak to staff about monitoring sound. Brian Hayes said he agrees and wants to be sensitive to the community. Bryan appreciates the comments and will work to have more control over the sound. One community member wanted to thank the director of Ponderosa who has responded well to her. It’s the decibel level that is the issue throughout the day. This member is willing to help if needed. They’ve been living in Mount Hermon for 28 years and have heard an increase in loudness. Ron said the program office will address it per site.
  • One community member wanted to thank MHA for great communication on the Conference Drive reinforcement. He wanted to know about the second stage of the reinforcement on Grandview and Terrace Way. He also wanted to see more support to the community from MHA because of the efforts MHC gives toward a good experience for visiting campers. Dale responded that the Conference Drive project went very smooth and very fast. The second project is moving forward. The permits are at the county and are to be reviewed. They are hoping sometime in May it will begin. It will take about 45 days to complete. There are some complications to it which may cause it to be a little longer.
  • One community member was frustrated that many do not know about the Rules & Regulations of Mount Hermon and even act defiant in following any rules. He asked if MHA would stand with MHC on equal footing to enforce the Rules and Regulations and community interests (parking on the streets, etc.) or does MHA put MHA first and may not support MHC. Reggie responded that we continue to try and reach as many as possible, but there continues to be a lack of response and caring. Another member suggested sending information with the water bill. Bryan said we are trying to work together. We need to create the best win-win situation across the community. No one wants a policing community where everyone is turning each other in, but we need to address the few that are breaking the rules. What the community member is looking for is for MHA to work with MHC to enforce those issues we see as important. MHC needs more backing to encourage people to change. Bryan said he would work with MHC to maximize enforcement. Every situation will look unique and Bryan would like understanding in how he deals with things. Some situations require County or Sheriff intervention. Reggie shared about two situations specifically, one regarding a defiant family using a golf cart, and one regarding a family getting rid of their rooster in compliance with the rules.
  • She also does not understand where the community money is going. Bryan commented on the Reserve Funds for the community and explained how this MHC fund is totally separate from MHA. They look ahead about 5 years as to capital expenditures for MHC. The buckets are clearly isolated funds. Community members want to have better communication as to where the money from MHC is going. Dale said they would have a general outline by the next MHC meeting in April. Dale explained there are two areas of expenses: 1) Roads, Trails, and Bridges and Water usage expenses; and 2) Capital Improvement expenses. Dale said they would communicate better through mail.
  • There was some discussion about the Post Office in Mount Hermon. MHA was thinking of moving it, but this is no longer is in the works.
  • One community member said the road repair on Forest was done really well. He was very grateful.
  • One community member brought up the parking in Mount Hermon. Dale explained how the Fire Dept. requires 12-foot clearance. There are more renters now with multiple cars. You are allowed to park two cars in front of your home along the street, but there are those that have many cars. It’s a big challenge. Dale doesn’t know the answer for this. Dale is going to get Ron Rickabough to drive up and down Mount Hermon to find out parking offenders. One community member suggested a notice be created to put on cars. Dale said we need a solution before we give people tickets. Reggie said throughout the years notices and tickets have only irritated people and made them feel isolated from neighborhood members.
  • One community member commented on how some cars go too fast. Everyone agreed. Dale explained how a CHP did catch one guy going too fast on Conference Drive.
  • One community member shared how a little girl was driving an ATV up to the cross. She talked to the girl, but was pretty much ignored. Dale said he would check it out. It’s not okay because of erosion and rules.
  • One community member wanted to know about the website and other communication tools we have.

Ron Taylor closed the evening at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Reggie Coates – Mount Hermon Community President

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