MHC Minutes – Spring 2018

Spring Meeting Minutes of the Mount Hermon Community
Thursday, April 26, 2018, 7:00pm
Youth Memorial Building, Mount Hermon

Agenda Items

  • Reggie Coates gave the President’s Call to Order at 7:05pm, Welcome, and Introduction.
  • Vice President Ron Taylor provided the Opening Prayer.
  • The Secretary’s Report was given by Reggie Coates (Secretary Barb McGraw could not attend). Motion/Second/Approved
  • Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Cheri Andrews. Motion/Second/Approved
    • At the Fall meeting, November 2, 2017, we had $966.08
    • Our current balance is $1,037.80
    • Detailed Activity
      • Receipts:
        • 12/7/17 – $30.00 Deposit: Christmas Dinner Cash
        • 12/12/17 – $68 Deposit: Christmas Dinner PayPal
        • 12/19/16 – $50 Deposit: Christmas Dinner MHA
      • Disbursements:
        • 11/3/17 – $64.42 for Fall meeting printing costs
        • 12/8/17 – $42 for Christmas Dinner printing costs
        • 12/20/17 – $00 for Christmas Dinner bass player
        • 3/21/18 – $58 for Special meeting printing costs
        • 4/2/18 – $30.00 for Web Hosting Fees
  • Sheriff Department Update – Sergeant Jordan Brownlee
    • Sergeant Jordan began by introducing himself and his journey that led him to the Felton Sheriff’s station. One interesting tidbit is that he received a Masters degree in classical guitar.
    • He reassured us that Mount Hermon is a beautiful and safe place to live.
    • He identified our community as “Beat 3,” which also includes Felton and a couple of other nearby towns.
  • Fire Chief Ron Rickabaugh, from the Felton Fire Protection District, gave a report on current issues.
    • He recommended that everyone keep the brush away from their homes. Think through clearing what would be flammable and dangerous in a fire.
    • He said most of the calls they get are not fire related but medical related. Have papers ready for you and your family in case of a medical emergency.
    • Make sure your street number is very clear to see..
  • Summer Registration details were explained by Bill Fernald.
    • The old paper brochure will now be online at: You can register online as well. Call the office if you have any trouble, 831-334-5566.
    • It is important that everyone register (either a basic package for free or the Premium package) receive a name badge for access and security.
    • Fun Day for our community will be Saturday, August 18, 12:00pm-4:00pm
      • Includes lunch, games, and all activities for free
      • Register for the summer and receive a name badge to participate.
  • Mount Hermon Association Update was given by Bryan Hayes
    • A financial summary of the Home Owner Assessments (Roads, Trails, Bridges, and Water) will be mailed out May 1 and will continue to be mailed annually for transparency and clarity.
    • Any work on Conference Drive is paid for by MHA and not the MHC-RTB fees.
    • He took notes at the special meeting we had in March and is working through each issue.
    • Someone asked about the leaking water tank near the cross at Ponderosa and Bryan said it is not owned by Mount Hermon Association, but by the Juvenile Hall Detention Center..
  • Community Announcements was given by Reggie
    • The focus for our community is to have positive communication, helpful involvement, and neighborly support.
    • Please be respectful to the community by following the rules (found at
    • You are welcome to be involved with our community social media:
    • Website –
    • Next Door –
    • Facebook –
    • Email List – Email “Put me on the list” to: http://[email protected]
    • We will be voting in a new Secretary at the Fall meeting. Please, speak to Reggie, Ron, Cheri, or Barb for nominations.
    • There will be a basic CERT Class in Scotts Valley on four Thursdays coming up. Help Mount Hermon Community by attending a Santa Cruz County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) More Details are at
      “There will be a Basic CERT Class in Scotts Valley on four Thursdays (May 3, 10, 17, 24, 2018) from 6:30–10:00 pm and Saturday, June 2, 2018, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Thursday classes will be held at the Scotts Valley Fire Dept, 7 Erba Ln, Scotts Valley. The Saturday class will be held at the Felton Fire Dept, 131 Kirby St, Felton.”
  • We are working on possible workshops in our community (Suggested by Paul & Shannon Rupe). Reggie had a show of hands as to how many would be interested and a majority said they would like to have them.
  • There was no New Business.
  • Ron Taylor closed the evening at 8:30pm in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Reggie Coates – Mount Hermon Community President

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