MHC Minutes – Spring 2019

MHC Spring Meeting Minutes 2019

Thursday, April 25, 2019, 7:00pm, Youth Memorial Building

Agenda Items

  • Reggie Coates gave the President’s Call to Order at 7:05pm, Welcome, and Introduction.
  • Vice President Ron Taylor provided the Opening Prayer.        
  • The Secretary’s Report was given by Reggie Coates (Secretary Barb McGraw could not attend). Motion/Second/Approved
  • Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Cheri Andrews. Motion/Second/Approved
    • At the Fall meeting, October 25, 2018, we had $1,037.80
    • Our current balance is $486.27 (Additional money is coming late from the Christmas Dinner).
    • Detailed Activity
      • Receipts:
        • 12/13/18 – $120.00 Deposit: Christmas Dinner PayPal
        • 12/10/18 – $42.00 Deposit: Christmas Dinner Checks
      • Disbursements:
        • 4/19/19  – $28.15 Business with Pleasure, for Spring Meeting printing costs
        • 4/2/19 – $30.00 Dan Dawson Hosting for website admin.
        • 12/13/18 – $ 80.00 for Christmas Dinner piano player
        • 12/12/18 – $ 80.00 for Christmas Dinner bass player
        • 12/6/18 – $30.00 Peets Coffee for door prizes
        • 12/6/18 – $30.00 Starbucks for door prizes
        • 12/4/18 – $ 80.00 for Christmas Dinner singer/guitar player.
        • 12/4/18 – $68.64 Business with Pleasure, for Christmas Dinner printing costs
        • 11/13/18 – $7.06 Scarborough, Supplies
        • 11/9/18 – $52.56 for Christmas Dinner printing costs
        • 10/25/18 – $15.56 Business with Pleasure, for Fall Meeting printing costs

  • Fire Chief Robert Gray, from the Felton Fire Protection District, gave a report on current issues.
    • Bob began by introducing himself and how he became the Felton Fire Chief last year.
    • He recommended that everyone keep the brush away from their homes. Think through clearing what would be flammable and dangerous in a fire.
    • He said he would be available to talk with Mount Hermon residents personally if there is a problem with neighbors keeping the brush under control.
    • He mentioned the chipper they have used in the past is getting old, so they don’t regularly offer a Chipping Day like before.
    • He brought some brochures called Living With Fire in Santa Cruz County: A Guide for Homeowners. I will leave some at the Post Office if you’re interested (you can also get them at the Felton Fire Station).
  • Sheriff Deputy Adam Roberts gave an update on Mount Hermon security.
    • Adam began by introducing himself and his journey as to how he grew up in Mount Hermon and is now in charge of the Ben Lomond Sheriff’s Office.
    • He reassured us that Mount Hermon is a beautiful and safe place to live. He shared some statistics that the Unincorporated Santa Cruz County Crime Rate/Property Crime Rate/Violent Crime Rate are about half of what they are for the State of California.
    • He identified our community as “Beat 3,” which also includes Felton and a couple of other nearby towns.
    • The best number to call to reach the Sheriff’s Office in a non-emergency situation is (831) 461-7400. For emergencies, call 911.
  • Mount Hermon Association update was given by Dale Pollock.
    • Water line replacement on Grandview and Terrace Way is scheduled to start July 1 and may take up to 60 days to complete.
    • MHA will soon begin road trimming in the park.  Best to trim what you don’t want us to ahead of time.
    • Paving repairs are continuing now that the rains are over for the year.
    • Abandon, or non-operating vehicles on the road ways will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Not allowed to store anything in the MHA road right of way.

  • Summer Registration details were explained by Brenda Wallace.
    • Every resident must register with Mount Hermon Association for the summer. For security purposes, residents must have a nametag in order to hike trails and walk around the camps (no one is allowed at Redwood Camp for legal reasons regarding children).
    • Registration is online at: You can register online as well. Call the office if you have any trouble, 831-334-5566.
    • It is important that everyone register (either a basic package for free or the Premium package) receive a name badge for access and security.

  • Community Announcements was given by Reggie
  • There was no New Business.
  • Ron Taylor closed the evening at 8:50pm in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Reggie Coates – Mount Hermon Community President

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