2020 Summer at Mount Hermon

Hope your summer is going well and that you’re staying healthy! There are some opportunities for Mount Hermon residents to enjoy this summer! Nate Pfefferkorn, with Mount Hermon Association, explains below about the Bookstore, Adventures, and Ponderosa Lodge Pool opening up. There are two more things I’d like you to be aware of. First, there has definitely been an uptick in vandalism and break-ins this summer. I encourage everyone in the neighborhood to be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity.

Summer Concert Series
Also, we had to move all the concerts scheduled for this summer to next summer. But, we have put together four online concerts in July for your encouragement. Mount Hermon is thrilled to deliver this summer concert series to your home! It’s free and you can learn more by visiting mounthermon.org/summerconcerts. Here’s the line-up:

  • July 4th – Special Fourth of July concert with Veritas, Phil Keaggy, Nichole Nordeman, and Phillips Craig & Dean.
  • July 11th – Point of Grace
  • July 18th – Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor
  • July 25th – Steve Green and Dick Tunney

Experience the uplifting music every Saturday in July, at 7:00pm, by tuning into the Mount Hermon YouTube channel

Reggie Coates
Mount Hermon Community
[email protected]
Dear Mount Hermon Community Residents,

We are pleased to announce three areas of Mount Hermon that will be open, on a limited basis, this summer for Mount Hermon Community Residents: The Mount Hermon Bookshop, Mount Hermon Adventures, and the Ponderosa Lodge Pool! Please continue reading for important information about how you can enjoy these opportunities.

Mount Hermon Bookshop
We will be opening the bookshop on weekends in July starting on the 13th. Hours will be:
Saturday 12-4
Sunday 12-2
Please observe all posted signs and be sure to wear your mask upon entering the store. We look forward to seeing you!

Mount Hermon Adventures
We are resuming operations of our Sequoia Aerial Adventure course beginning July 6th for public tours. There will be a reduced number of tours available daily. Please note the Canopy Tour will be closed. For more information or to book a tour please visit:

Ponderosa Lodge Pool
We are excited to open the Ponderosa Lodge Pool for Mount Hermon Community Residents and staff. Starting July 7th and ending August 8th we will hold two open swim sessions Tuesday through Saturday, 1 PM to 4:30 PM. Outside of open swim, there will be no other program offerings involving pool usage.

Limited Occupancy
In compliance with Santa Cruz County guidelines, and to observe social distancing, we will be limiting the number of “families” allowed at any one time. Maximum number of patrons allowed in the pool area will be fifty guests, up to ten families, whichever is achieved first. Families will be limited to 1.5 hour maximum in the pool area before being asked to leave. Seating on the pool deck will be divided into ten different areas, one per family/household, each marked and roped off, with at least six feet of space in between each area. Chairs will be disinfected in between uses.

Pool passes will be available for purchase at the Conference Center Field at the Adventures tent July 1st and July 2nd from 1-4:30pm. All passes are good for one family/household.
• Single session              $15 per family
• 5 visit punch card         $60 per family
• 10 visit punch card     $100 per family
You can also call 831-334-0092 to purchase your passes on July 1-2 between 1-4:30pm. This phone number will not be staffed until July 1st. If you are unable to purchase your passes on July 1-2 you can purchase them at the check-in desk at the pool when it is open.

Swim Session Reservations
Reservations for the first two weeks of open swim will be available at the presale booth on July 1-2. After that reservations for the following weeks will be able to be made at the pool check in desk, with reservations being opened on a rolling basis, week by week. Reservations can also be made by calling 831-334-0092 between 1-5pm, Tuesday through Sunday.
Families with reservations will be given priority, walk-in’s will only be accommodated as space allows.

Health Precautions
Guests will be required to check in before they enter the pool area, will undergo a temperature screening and be asked if they have experienced a cough or fever recently before being allowed to enter. Guests that report cough or fever or have temperature over 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit will not be permitted in the pool area. Signage will be clearly posted encouraging a minimum 6 foot distance be maintained from members of other families/households, both in and out of water.

All chairs and seating areas will be disinfected in between families, after the 1.5 hour limit has been met and before the next family is permitted to use the seating area.
All poolside railings, including ladders and diving boards, will be disinfected at the start of each day.
Restrooms will be disinfected at least once a day, before opening.

Restrooms will be opened with doors propped open to minimize contact.
Restroom will be cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant prior to opening each day.
Single use towels and soap for handwashing will be stocked and refilled after closing each day.
All guests must change before arriving at the pool and try to limit restroom use.

Guests are asked to walk to the pool if possible or to park in one of the 10 designated parking areas along Ridge Way near the tennis courts.
The rest of the Ponderosa Lodge facility, and the Redwood Camp facility is closed and we ask that you so not access these facilities.

Again, we are excited to offer the above opportunities to Mount Hermon Community Residents and Staff. We hope these are a blessing to you and your family and we look forward to seeing you this summer! If you have questions about any of these offerings please email me.

Nate PfefferkornNate Pfefferkorn | Vice President of Strategy and Adventure dir 831.430.1279 | fx 831.335.9218 

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