Mount Hermon Water System Update November 16, 2021

Here is the latest information with the MH Water System from MHA. We will notify you by email and put on our Website the results when the boil order is cleared.~ Reggie Coates

Dear Residents of Mount Hermon,

We wanted to give you an update on the status on the Mount Hermon water system and boil order notice.  

Since the initial detection of the bacteria on November 13, 2021 at one of our designated sampling stations, we have performed two rounds of repeat testing at the original sample site plus additional sample sites upstream and downstream on November 13 and November 15th.  Further, we have sampled both wells.  ALL test results associated with the repeat samples have come back negative for coliform and E coli.   

Under the direction of the CA state water board, they are requesting that one round of additional testing is required before they are willing to lift the boil order.  The samples were taken today, November 16, and we expect the results back tomorrow afternoon at which time, if the results are negative, we anticipate being able to lift the boil order notice.  We will notify each resident by written notification on your door as soon as we get the authorization to do so.  Until then, please continue to follow the instructions in the Boil Order Notice.   We will update you on the situation as soon as we hear back from the state regulators tomorrow.   

Thank you!

Mount Hermon Association, Inc. 

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