Mount Hermon Water System Update November 18, 2021

Important Water System Update – November 18, 2021

MHC, This is the update today from Mount Hermon Association. Thanks, ~ Reggie

Dear Residents of Mount Hermon,

Thank you for reading the following update as it contains new information regarding Mount Hermon’s water system.  Mount Hermon is doing everything possible to restore safe drinking water to you as quickly as possible.  Mount Hermon continues to work closely with the CA state water control board regarding this situation.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your continued patience.  

The boil notice remains in effect.  In accordance with the CA state water control board, Mount Hermon continues to perform daily testing of our water system.  Today’s lab results from samples taken on Wednesday, November 17, were negative for coliform and E. coli (no trace detected).  

Should the samples taken today, November 18, return as negative (no traces detected), Mount Hermon may be permitted by the CA state water control board to issue a “Boil water cancellation notice” on Friday, November 19.  This would be the soonest possible.    

How will I be notified when it is safe to drink the water?

Mount Hermon will inform each resident in Mount Hermon by written notification delivered to your door.  Until then, please continue to follow the instructions in the Boil Order Notice attached.   

Thank you.

Mount Hermon Association, Inc. 

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