MHC Autumn Update

“Hello to all living in the Mount Hermon Community.  I was recently voted in as President for the coming two years, and look forward to serving you as together we care for each other and, as necessary, pool our resources in responding to concerns when they arise.  My wife, Cheryl, and I have enjoyed living in Mount Hermon since 1995 with our four children attending the local schools, and now with grandchildren doing the same.  We have received much encouragement through friendships deepened through the years with many throughout the San Lorenzo Valley. Our executive committee has met once so far in charting our course in 2023, with positive steps being taken to form a Welcoming Team in greeting new people moving into our community. I look forward to seeing you at our final event of the year, our annual Christmas dinner on Tuesday, December 6. Joy!”

Ron Taylor
MHC President
[email protected]

“The Minutes are ready and are on our website at Also, the MHC Christmas Dinner tickets are available at the Williams Welcome Center (MHA Registration Office) and online at our website at The MHC Christmas Dinner is open to all residents and homeowners of Mount Hermon, Tuesday, December 6, 6:00pm-7:45pm, $10.00 per person. Children newborn through 4 years old are free. The evening includes dinner, dessert, raffle prizes, games, carol singing and getting to know your neighbors better. Looking forward to seeing you there! Have a great week!”

Reggie Coates
MHC Secretary
[email protected]

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