MHC Spring Meeting Agenda

Greetings Mount Hermon Community! 

I look forward to our upcoming spring meeting, on Tuesday, April 18!  This will be a time to once again connect as neighbors.  We will hear from Chief Gray with the Felton Fire Department, who will provide an update on the effects of this winter’s storms along with suggestions on securing our properties against fires.  We will also have a report from Bryan Hayes, representing the Mount Hermon Association, including information on this year’s summer passes.  

We hope for a good turn out, taking time for updates on pertinent matters, keeping our mid-week meeting time between 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM.  Our meeting will be held in Newton Memorial, on Conference Drive, the building across the street from the Field House parking lot.  

Please note the attached Agenda. 

Thanks for joining us!


Ron Taylor


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