Summer Pass News and More

Greetings Mount Hermon Community!

I would like to start this week with important news affecting our Mount Hermon Community (MHC). This email will report on several matters. First, to inform residents that Registration for Summer Passes is now available. Second, some upcoming road closures. Third, a posting on the Executive Board’s response to a recommendation to increase the number of officers serving on the Executive Board. And fourth, to share a positive story of neighbors working together for the common good.  

Summer Registration

Summer Registration is now open. Details can be found at Mount Hermon Community Summer Pass. Mount Hermon Association (MHA) would like every resident to register for this Community Pass in order to use common areas like trails, the field, the Fountain, and roaming the grounds. Registration gives you the opportunity for many fun activities over the summer. But, for the safety of our community and the conference guests who come to Mount Hermon, it is important for those who live here to wear a name tag letting others know you are residents of Mount Hermon. 

Street Closures

We want to remind you that on Tuesday, May 16, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, tree work will be done near 39 Grandview Ave. The road will be closed to thru traffic at this location. Please use alternative routes.

Also, on Tuesday, May 23, from 8:00am to 5:00pm Conference Drive will be closed to thru traffic from Roaring Camp Road to Park Way so that MHA can trench across both lanes of the road to install the new drainpipe. Please plan to use alternative routes during this time. Construction will continue from May 24 to approximately June 5.  During this time, the plan is to only close one lane at a time. Please expect some delays. Stop signs will be in place at each end of the construction zone. Please, drive slowly and be mindful of other cars and pedestrians.  

Recommendation Response

The recommendation submitted in October 2022 stated, “The Executive Board shall add at least two additional officers, one for Emergency Response and another for Fire Safety & Prevention. These officers shall have a direct line of communication with MHA for the purpose of upholding community standards and regulations in connection with local government authorities. (i.e. police and fire departments).”

The Executive Board Response: Following discussions at length by the Executive Board, including additional conversations with MHA personnel having oversight for emergency response and fire safety, the Executive Board concludes that these two positions are unnecessary at this time. Residents are encouraged to contact local emergency agencies (police, fire, etc) directly as the need arises.   Regarding concerns related to the rules and regulations within the park, MHA can be contacted directly at 831-335-4466, with messages relayed and responded to by their designated personnel. The MHC has no authority in the enforcement of said rules and regulations, being the purview of MHA. That being said, the MHC Executive Board will add their voice to any concern raised with the intent to seek constructive solutions.  

If in the future, it is determined that additional personnel represent the community on matters related to safety, regulations and emergencies, the Executive Board can appoint a nominee to serve in such capacity for a determined period of time.  

Commentary: This is not a new recommendation, having come forward in the past. In fact, effort has been made to have representatives from both local fire and sheriff service on the Executive Board, yet both declined the offer.  

It is the desire of MHC to provide a community that looks after one another, creating neighborhoods that not only promote safety, but include positive and responsible observance to the stated rules and regulations provided by MHA. As residents, we are encouraged to visit the MHC website to be aware of the rules and regulations within the Park, our responsibility as good neighbors, and of already existing avenues in fleshing out solutions to concerns as they become apparent. If in the event you have a situation that seems to not have an answer contact one of us on the Executive Board (Ron, Dawn, Cheri, or Reggie) and we will seek to discern the issue and to pursue a reasonable solution.

A Good Neighbor Story

I live in one of the neighborhoods located on the perimeter of Mount Hermon Park, on Highland Avenue just off of East Zayante. I consider it a great neighborhood, residents are friendly and ready to help when called upon. Several years back we had mail stolen from the street side mailboxes positioned just off Zayante. This was disheartening! One of the neighbors suggested we rally to improve the arrangement, and we did!  In an effort to expedite the process, we decided to raise the funds as a neighborhood, ordered the new locking receptacle, laid the cement foundation for its installation, and installed it. It has now been in place for 18 months or so, adding security for our parcels and letters, and relief for mind and spirit. I appreciate my neighbors in choosing to come together, brainstorm, and work toward the solution until its completion. It was an effort that took time and patience, and refreshed my hope that we can rise together if and when future events challenge our well being. I have heard of similar accounts throughout the Park strengthening my appreciation for this community as a whole.  If you have a story to share, please submit it to me at: [email protected].

If you have reached this point in the email, a big “thank you” for taking the time to read and remain informed. I hope your week goes well.  

Ron Taylor, President of the Mount Hermon Community
[email protected]

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