Flushing Hydrants & Summer Concerts

Greetings all,

Here are a couple of announcements helpful to us living in MHC.  The first is from MHA affecting water supply to a portion of our community, the second informs of upcoming free concerts open to the MHC residents. Please note.

Announcement #1: Flushing Hydrants
Dear Residents,
We wanted to let you know that on June 6 and June 7 we will be flushing hydrants located on upper Madrone, Azalea and Glen Alpine.
Water main flushing is the process of cleaning or “scouring” the inside of the water main by sending a high-velocity flow of water through the system. This is conducted by opening fire hydrants and releasing water at the speed of up to 5 feet per second to remove deposits built up inside the mains.

Flushing is a crucial preventative measure that helps to maintain the capacity of the pipe and to protect water quality by removing deposits from inside the mains.

If your water is discolored, flush from a cold water fixture as far away from your water meter as possible and let the water run until clear. This could take 10-15 minutes. We recommend you do not use a hot water tap to flush, as this draws sediment into your hot water heater. Also, please abstain from doing laundry on the day of flushing and make sure your water is clear before running your washing machine.

From Rebecca Krusee for Dale Pollock

Announcement #2: MH Summer Concert Series

Dear Residents,

Mount Hermon Conference Center is holding a series of free Saturday concerts with nationally know music artists this summer. They are open to all residents for free, but because seating is limited, you’ll need to get a ticket from iTickets. All the details are found at https://www.mounthermon.org/summerconcerts. You can sit inside with the new air-conditioning or outside in the beautiful outdoors and fire pits. Get your tickets soon! The inside seats for Phillips Craig & Dean are already sold out. This summer, the Bookstore, Fountain, and Coffee Shop will be open on Saturday evenings. The concerts are from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

The artists and dates will be:

  • 6/24 Buddy Greene – Trio (guitar, harmonica, accordion and more)
  • 7/1 Southern Raised – Bluegrass trio
  • 7/8 Veritas – Male vocal quintet
  • 7/15 Nicole Nordeman – Solo female singer and pianist
  • 7/22 The King’s Brass – Nine person brass ensemble
  • 7/29 Michael O’Brien – Solo male singer and pianist
  • 8/5 Phillips Craig & Dean – Male vocal trio

From Reggie Coates for JR Loofbourrow


Ron Taylor, MHC President
[email protected]

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