MHC Minutes – Fall 2018

Fall Meeting Minutes of the Mount Hermon Community

Thursday, October 25, 2018, 7:00pm

Youth Memorial Building, Mount Hermon

Agenda Items

  • Reggie Coates gave the President’s Call to Order at 7:05pm, Welcome, and Introduction.
  • The Secretary’s Report, Reggie directed attendees to read through the Spring meeting report online, asking for clarifications and/or questions as necessary, none were presented. The Spring minutes were accepted as presented. [Barb McGraw was out of town having oral surgery].



  • Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Cheri Andrews.
    • At the Spring meeting, May 4th, 2018, we had $1042.54.
    • Expenses:
      • Fun Day Banner and fliers – $76.46
      • Web Hosting Domain Name Registration – $15.00
      • Web Hosting October through May – $30.00
    • Our current balance is $921.08



  • Community Announcements:
    • Reggie reiterating the MHC focus on positive Communication, Involvement, and Support.
    • Reggie communicated the importance for all to respect the community and its guidelines.
    • Neighborhood Watch – Reggie emphasized the need for personal involvement regarding security, by locking doors on homes and cars, maintaining lighting during the evenings, and reporting suspicious behaviors. Though MHA maintains security services in general, there are those who pass through the community who take advantage of others. There has been reports of gas siphoning, so it would be good to buy locking gas-caps and keep your eyes open as much as possible.
    • He reminded everyone of the community website at [Get on the email List – Email “Put me on the list” to: [email protected]] and social media sites at
    • Lisa Galleguillos, on behalf of MHA, presented an opportunity for the community to participate in the Operation Christmas Child shoe box stuffing party held on Monday, Nov. 5


  • Cheri Andrews gave a recap on the Family Fun Day in August. It was well attended, with fun for all.
  • Cheri reported on the buffet Christmas Dinner for the community, set for Tuesday, December 4 (6 – 7:45 PM). Tickets are on sale on November 4, priced at $8 at the Registration Office, or $8.50 for online will-call.
  • The issue of Turkeys in Mount Hermon was addressed by Armond Langmo
    • After speaking with the Fish and Game Department, Armond let us know what our options are in dealing with the roaming turkeys.
      • We could allow them to roam freely.
      • We cannot shoot them. The Fish and Game Department will not allow hunting because of the neighborhood having close housing.
      • We could have them trapped and killed. They cannot be trapped and relocated, they must be killed. However, there is a concern that those who are animal rights proponents may seek to stop this.
      • You can do things to keep them off your property. Some community members have purchased turkey sprayers for $45 that spray water on the turkeys when they walk on their property.
      • A committee was organized to get more information and find out more possibilities. Diana Bond and Cheri Andrews have volunteered to head this committee.
      • No action was voted on as a community at this time.
    • Recent Fire in Mount Hermon was addressed by Willie and Sue Mayfield with Bryan Hayes
      • Willie and Sue Mayfield live across the street from where the homes were burned on Forest.
        • Willie explained how the fire started around 4:30am and burned 3 homes on Forest and affected a cottage behind the home on the right.
        • The Felton Fire department and many neighboring fire departments assisted to contain the fires.
        • Mount Hermon Association provided lodging for some of the displaced residents.
        • The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
        • Sue was explaining what an emotional struggle this has been for all involved. Please, pray for these neighbors as they work through this tragedy.
        • Randy Krusee explained how his family was traumatized by the whole experience. Fortunately. He has had experience as a firefighter and has had PTSD training.
        • Bryan Hayes said they are looking into adding more fire hydrants in Mount Hermon where sufficient water mains exist (4” or 6” pipe).
        • In case of emergency, you can call Reggie Coates at (925) 206-9895 or Paul Izor at (408) 377-5300.
      • Mount Hermon Association Update was given by Bryan Hayes
        • Bryan Hayes says the best way to contact Mount Hermon Association regarding community issues is to email Rebecca Krusee at [email protected] and she will forward it to the right person.
        • Redwood camp is a closed campus for community members. But, you should know that construction will be going on through June, in order to upgrade the cabins. They will be putting shared bathrooms between the cabins.
        • Bryan asked what we thought of combining the Roads/Trails/Bridges and Water capital funds. No decisions have been made at this time.
        • The Terrace Way/Grandview Slide project has been completed. Plans are underway to begin the water and road improvements for a Spring/Summer water line project for Grandview and Terrace Way.
        • Bryan fielded a variety of questions on road conditions throughout the park.
  • There was no New Business.
  • Reggie closed the evening in prayer at 8:52 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Reggie Coates – Mount Hermon Community President

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